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  • 21/06/2018

Total reaction cross section for the 11B + 58Ni system and application of a recent new reduction methodology

N. Deshmukh and J. Lubian.

Eur. Phys. J. A (2018) 54: 101. Published online: 21 June 2018


The investigation is made to extract the total reaction cross section from a previous work where the elastic scattering of the tightly bound 11B on the 58Ni target was measured, at energies close to the Coulomb barrier. Total reaction cross sections were extracted from the elastic scattering analysis using the Optical Model with double-folding type potentials. We have also taken the total reaction cross section of the systems with almost the same mass range targets and different projectiles from the literature and tried to compare with our system by reducing the cross sections, for the elimination of trivial effects due to different sizes and different Coulomb barriers. In addition to that, for all the systems considered, one-channel calculations that account only for fusion have been performed to study the quantitative effect of the direct reaction channels on the total reaction cross section.

DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2018-12538-x