ITA organiza dentro do seu Campus o primeiro encontro do recém criado Laboratory International Assoscié (LIA) “Subatomic Physics: from theory to applications” between Brasil and France, de 12 a 13 de Junho e 2018.
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The recently created Laboratory International Assoscié (LIA) between Brasil and France formally started in january 2018 for a duration of 1+4 years.

The aim of this LIA – entitled “Subatomic physics: from theory to applications” – is to develop and reinforce common scientific and educational projects in this field, following previous collaborations between the two countries (FAPESP, COFECUB, PICS,…).

These projects cover different aspects on:
Theoretical Physics
Experimental Nuclear Physics
Application of Nuclear Physics
Research Training

From the Brasil side, this LIA involves as a signatories ITA, USP, UNESP/IFT and plus researchers from other Brazilian instituions (UFSC Florianópolis, UNIVAP, UFABC, UFF, UFRJ, UFRRJ, CBPF, etc…). From the France side it involve CNRS with several laboratories (IPN, CNSMN, and LAL from Orsay; GANIL, CIMAP and LPC from Caen, IPHC Strasbourg, IPN Lyon, LPSC Grenoble).

As a first action we planned a two-days workshop in ITA Campus at Sao Jose dos Campos to present the different projects and eventually propose new research lines. We have fixed the date of 12 and 13 June 2018.

More information contact prof. Tobias Frederico (

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